While CBD and the benefits of hemp produced products are a hot topic of discussion across the globe, we understand that because of the negative connotations attached to this conversation, still have people from all works of life hesitant to explore this magical substance further.

From the legalities of CBD in the UK and worldwide, to real life documentation of its benefits, our blog aims to demystify all things CBD.

cbd vape shot tin

The Science Behind CBD Vape Shot


When you take an incredibly experienced team from the vape industry and couple them with an equally experienced and highly skilled team of botanical hemp experts whose primary goal and deep-lying passion is providing a simple solution to those who...

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People marching for medicinal cannabis

CBD Vape Shot Success Stories


Even though CBD oil is widely believed to be incredibly favourable for treating several illnesses, a promoter of healthy sleeping patterns and beneficial in the worldwide perpetual struggle against anxiety, stress, and depression, we still cannot make any claims regarding...

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CBD Vape Shot vape additive alternative

The Growth of CBD in the UK


Since the legalisation of CBD oil in the UK last year, the hemp-derived cannabinoid has been making waves across the country. While CBD oil might be legal in the UK, there is currently a grey area when it comes to...

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